Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun with Unix

So that's pretty cool.  Unix makes it easy to run a process in the background.  Just add an ampersand at the end of the command.  eg run
node ~/example.js &
instead of just
node ~/example.js
and I'm good to go.  Useful cheatsheet I found here:

I've also got Redis installed and was able to run that as a background task as well.  However, even in the background it was spamming the console with status messages.  What I needed to do was modify the conf file and set
daemonize yes

And now I'm just about ready to start developing.  For my IDE, I'm going to try out Aptana Studio.  It's a modified version of Eclipse geared towards web development.  In terms of my setup, I've been reading about backbone.js, which seems like a cool mvc framework for javascript.  I've really come to like the MVC stucture since working with microsoft's  I'll also be using require.js and maybe underscore.js.  Not sure about that last one yet.  I still need to read more about it's uses. 

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