Sunday, November 20, 2011

Step 2: Set up Git Repo

So I decided on a cool name: "Phintos." Kind of a combination of Fin and Photos, since this is going to be a site for organizing photos of dolphins.  More about this later.  So here's the Github repo I just set up:
 To set this up, I followed a list steps blindly.  So now I'm going to go back and figure out what exactly I did:
After creating naming the repo on git and creating a local folder, I ran
>git init
It looks like this sets up the initial local files git needs to be able to work with a directory.

Next I ran
>touch README
This is a unix command to create an empty readme file.  It looks like it can also be used to update permissions and modified date of a file.

Then I used >git add and >git commit to add this file to the repo, which I assume work similar to subversion.  The actual commit command was
>git commit -m 'first commit'
According to  the -m option is used to add the commit message in the same line.  This looks like a very useful site.

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