Monday, January 2, 2012


So this whole thing is going a bit slower than I would have hoped, but I shouldn't be surprised.  New technologies always take some time to warm up to and really feel comfortable with.  At least one thing I've accomplished since my last post is that I got my codemirror mode into the main Nide repo.  So now that's technically two open source projects I've contributed to =).

Another thing I've been working on is sketching out my site layout and database structure.  It's kinda weird, since the whole idea of redis (and no-sql in general) is the lack of a concrete structure.  So there's no tables or columns to make, it's all just notes to myself on what 'keys' I plan to use.

Besides my (ethereal) db design, I've also been working on a mockup for my page design and interface.  Right now I'm envisioning just four pages for the whole site.  The login page, the upload page, and a couple pages for browsing the images.  Actually, the browsing can probably be one page, just two layouts.  Here are the beautiful notes I was working on last night:

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