Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starting anew

Over the weekend someone asked me what my target demographic is.  At the time I said 'everyone.'  But that's not really possible.  Also, that's not really my objective.  No, my target demographic is just one person: myself.  I'm making a game that I want to play, and if others end up wanting to play it as well, that's cool.

So I started my prototype, as evident from the photos below.  The basic idea I'm exploring is a puzzle game that is somewhere between a strategy rpg and chess.  I know I said I wanted to do something closer to Go, but chess just works as a better analogy for individual characters and positions.

What I have so far is that each level is going to be a puzzle.  Gameplay will be turn based.  The player will move all of their characters and then click an "end turn" button.  Then there will be three consecutive computer controlled phases.  Combat phase 1 in which any characters in combat range will battle.  (The battle system I'll go into in my next post).  Then a computer movement phase in which each of the enemy characters takes a turn to move.  And lastly a 2nd combat phase in case any of the enemies have moved into combat range battle.  That may sound complicated, but from the players perspective it will all be a smooth action.  They just position characters and then watch the action unfold.

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