Thursday, November 22, 2012

On Finding the Right Tools

You know that feeling when you've found exactly the tool you were looking for? And it's cheap too? Well I got that when I found WebStorm.  It has precisely what I was looking for in a node.js IDE.  Some of you (non existent) readers may say, "bah!  IDE's are for teh noobz!" And who knows, maybe these phantom tech elitists are correct.  Throughout college I used emacs and programmed in C++ and I liked it.  But now I've been spoiled by Visual Studio and C# and I don't think I can ever go back. 

So WebStorm has all the features I love about visual studio, but works well with Node.js, and on my mac.  Code formatting, smart auto-complete, "jump to definition", easy to add JsDoc comments...  I'm actually surprised I hadn't found it earlier, since most of the VS features I love are from a plugin called Resharper, which is made by the same company (JetBrains).  And unlike VS, the price is pretty reasonable ($50).

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