Saturday, November 16, 2013


I've been having a bunch of random people play my prototype, and so far the response has been really great.  I still only have one level, but it generally takes people about a minute to complete it once they get the hang of the mechanics.  And most people stick with it. 

One thing that has become very apparent though, is that my mechanics are not as intuitive as I thought they were.  At first I was thinking that that just meant I'll need to have a very gradual tutorial.  But after getting some really encouraging feedback today from Mark Heggan (the guy who designed Drop 7), I'm rethinking that idea.  What I really need is a super sleek user interface that demonstrates the mechanics without needing explanation.  When you push a snake in the wrong direction, I need a 'bump' sound and a red X to appear where it's hitting the wall or something.  I need the game to constantly be giving the user feedback.  This is even more important than the levels or the graphics. 

So even though I'm about half way through putting together the level creator, I'm going to switch to tweaking the controls.  It may add up to a month to my development time, but I'm gonna tweak and polish this ui until I can see my refection in it!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Slowly but surly, my game is coming along.  I now have a functioning prototype running on my phone.  And after watching my first play tester interact with it, I think I might actually have a decent concept here.  Which is a bit of a relief.  My next steps are:

1. Find and hire an artist.

2.  Create a level editor.

3.  Create some actual levels.

4. UX?

5. Profit!

My goals for November are #1 and 2.  Then I can start really putting things together in December.  And maybe release in January 2014.