Saturday, October 11, 2014


The game is finally done and has begun the app approval process!  My target release date: October 29th.  Just in time to show it off at the Games Forum Demo Night on the 30th.  I know it sounded like I was pretty much done from my last post, but you know what they say: the last 10% of a project is usually 90% of the work.

Integrating all the message boxes and functionality around in app purchases ended up being kind of a pain.  And then there's setting everything up in itunes connect and deciding on search terms, marketing screenshots and text was all sorts of fun.  But that's all set now.  The only thing left to do is finish up my commercial and pray the great apple gods deem me worthy for a feature.  Because in reality, that's the only chance in hell an app with a tiny marketing budget has any chance of getting noticed in the flood of new apps released every day.

Also somewhat interesting: I ended up going over all my expenses for the game so far.  If I add up everything including the art, sound, setting up the company, going to conferences etc, this game has cost me $14k to make.  Of course that's not including the huge opportunity cost of me working on this half time for a full year.  But if I'm able to make back half of my monetary investment, I'll be pretty happy.  I know it's very rare that the first game a company creates is successful.  Of course, even if it only makes $1, I'll still be happy to have released a game.  It's honestly a small price to pay for what I feel is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life so far.  I made a game.  On my own.  And I think it's a damn good one =).